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Don't forget to register for our first Collaborative Conversation on Wednesday, October 21st!

During our first Collaborative Conversation, we will discuss information from Dr. Scanlon's presentation hosted by NYSRA and how these ideas might be helpful for teachers working with students in virtual, hybrid, and/or in-person classrooms.

Here are a few key points Dr. Scanlon made:

  1. Reading is a complex process involving comprehension and knowledge, experience in the world, experience with written language, alphabetics, fluency, word identification and word learning, vocabulary and language, as well as motivation and engagement. The development of each component shapes and is shaped by the development of other components.

  2. Be consistent with language and approaches used across settings. For example, the language a classroom teacher uses to teach students about strategies for puzzling through words needs to be the same language a literacy specialist uses with her students in small groups. If the language is not consistent, then we are asking students to learn more.

  3. Create learning environments where readers are engaged and motivated and learn that reading is an enjoyable, informative activity.

  4. Set high expectations for all learners.

  5. Dr. Scanlon discussed how "the development of alphabetic skills has become a major focus in the tensions related to the claims of advocates of the science of reading." She shared several resources for teachers to draw on when having conversations with colleagues, administrators, families, and community members about these approaches.

    1. Article published by the International Literacy Association

    2. Dr. Scanlon's published article in Reading Research Quarterly

    3. Dr. Scanlon's soon-to-be-published article in The Reading Teacher (Nov/Dec 2020 issue)

  6. Dr. Scanlon also mentioned that Dr. Nell Duke's work around teaching in online spaces might be helpful for teachers who are working with students in virtual settings.



**Please pre-register for our Collaborative Conversation at the Teacher Center website. We will send a Zoom link only to those who have pre-registered for the event.

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